Accelerated Nursing Programs Online

info about accelerated nursing programs online

The Internet has changed the way in which people can become nurses. Now there are accelerated nursing programs online. Here is some information on these degree programs.

How Accelerated Nursing Programs Online Work

The accelerated nursing programs online are taught online and allow students to take courses at a rapid pace. The theory courses are taught entirely online and then students can communicate with their academic advisors to get placed in their clinical rotations.

On average, accelerated nursing programs online students will have to take classes for 12 to 18 months. The accelerated nursing programs online format consists of discussion boards, exams, tests, and group work. Students are given lectures that they can download to get a better understanding of the course content that is being taught.

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It is important for people to study hard because to become a nurse you must pass the NCLEX which is the national licensing exam for nurses. Many people think that online classes are easy. The following traits are needed to be effective at online courses:

  • Discipline
  • Time management skills
  • Organization
  • Dedication

Being disciplined is important because teachers will just post assignments and then they will leave it up to you to complete them on time. Lateness often ends up in a person getting a reduced grade or even a zero. Many people procrastinate which can be harmful in an online environment.

Time management skills are needed because an ample amount of time is needed to complete assignments fully. There are a lot of assignments to complete so students need to plan out their schedules so that they can meet their deadlines.

Organization is essential because people often have work spaces at home that are disorganized and cluttered with textbooks, school supplies and paperwork. Everything should be organized in a binder with notes written down to keep track of important information.

Dedication is one of the most important assets to becoming a nurse. Accelerated nursing programs online classes can be hard but they prepare people for the hectic work environment that they will face. Nurses need to be dedicated because the lives of patients are on the line so every decision that they make is crucial to the outcome whether good or bad.

The Time Commitment of Accelerated Nursing Programs Online

People who want to enroll in accelerated nursing programs online need to be able to commit enough time to it. The courses can be very intensive so students need to be able to absorb the information because it will be used in the clinical rotations.

Nurses often have a specialty so being able to learn about different fields of nursing can be beneficial to creating a career map. A good nurse needs to have a solid memory, focus, attention to detail, flexibility and problem solving skills. It is a good idea for people to reach out to their online teachers for help if they are struggling with a subject.

Accelerated courses require that students can keep up a good pace. Classes are typically seven to eleven weeks long so the content is taught rather quickly so it can be easy to fall behind.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Online: Expected Salary

info about accelerated nursing programs online

After graduating from accelerated nursing programs online, registered nurses can expect to earn between $40,000 and $80,000 after graduation. The location of the hospital, doctor’s office or medical clinic has a lot to do with the starting salary that a person can receive.

For example, nurses who work in larger cities often make more money per hour than those who work in smaller towns and cities. This is because hospitals and doctor’s offices need nurses to work more hours so their budgets are exponentially larger. There is also a difference in the overall cost of living so this needs to be balanced out when considering which position to take.

People who have prior experience in the medical field will also typically make more money than those who have very little practical experience. Per Diem nurses typically make $20.00 to $40.00 per hour. This type of position is often in demand because it allows people to have flexibility with their schedule if they are pursuing a higher degree of nursing education later on.

Accelerated Nursing Programs Online: The Life of a Nurse

Nurses typically work 10 to 12 hour shifts four days per week if they work in a hospital setting. Nurses who work in doctor’s offices, clinics and nursing homes often work eight hour shifts five days per week. The job is a physically demanding one because patients and equipment need to be moved often.

The accelerated nursing programs online are a great way for people to learn in an interactive way at their leisure. Many people work while they are taking classes online. Some employers will offer tuition reimbursement to individuals who they want to employ as a registered nurse later on. This is a great way for students to be able to have their educations financed while also earning a steady paycheck at the same time.