Accelerated RN to BSN Programs

Registered nurses are in high demand, and the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that this growing field pays well with a median pay of more than $30 an hour. Requiring two years of college education, most people in this field have the equivalent of an associate’s degree. However, nurses who are ready to move into management positions and accept more responsibility will need a BSN. Accelerated RN to BSN programs are a great option.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Benefits of Earning a BSN

RNs earn a pleasant salary and the job is rewarding, but they sometimes want more. There are a few advantages to earning a BSN and preparing yourself for the next level of your career.

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• BSNs have Greater Knowledge – In addition to having clinical experience, BSNs also have more years of education. They learn more about disease prevention and management, health promotion and risk reduction.

• Better Prepared to Meet Patient Needs – They spend more time learning about wellness and community nursing. With the extra education and greater knowledge, they are better prepared to meet the needs of a range of different patients.

• More Career Opportunities – Highly educated nurses who have additional training in leadership and management and uniquely qualified to meet the changing needs of modern health care and management. Many health organizations require their leaders to have a BSN or higher to qualify for management positions.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Type of Expected Coursework

Accelerated RN to BSN programs are designed to help experienced RNs complete their four-year degree and earn a BSN. Credit is given for work already completed during RN training, and that training is expanded. Coursework moves heavily into communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn how to be leaders as well as nurses.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Credit for Nursing Experience

Colleges offering accelerated RN to BSN programs understand that you are a hard-working nurse. You have real-life experience caring for patients, so the programs take that into account. The focused learning provides you with management and leadership skills to help you take your career to the next level. Your nursing experience is used as a foundation for the entire program. There will be math and science prerequisites for certain classes, so students should plan on taking a few extra courses if necessary.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Advanced Nursing Concepts

While the programs focus heavily on communication and leadership skills, you also explore advanced nursing concepts. You will be exposed to nursing theory, learn about current research and benefit from lessons on community and public health.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Flexible Scheduling

Students returning to school are often working students. They have busy schedules, a full-time job and the need for flexible school scheduling. The best programs understand this and are willing to accommodate their students. In addition to offering day, night and weekend classes, more universities are also providing students with online education options.

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Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Focused Learning

Accelerated programs do not depend on the traditional semester system. Students take one class at a time, but the classes are only six to eight weeks in duration. This allows students to focus on the subject at hand and effectively manage their time. The programs are intensive, but they are also easier to manage than taking multiple classes at the same time.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: A Full-Time Commitment

Whether you are working full-time and have a family to care for or you can take some time off to focus on college, the accelerated program is a full-time commitment. There won’t be much time during school to take vacations or even enjoy your favorite hobbies. However, the benefits of earning your BSN far outweigh the temporary inconveniences.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: 12 to 24 Months of Schooling

Providing nurses with credit for schooling and experience, most of the general requirements are waived through these programs. Rather than spending four years earning the degree, students can expect to finish their program in 12 to 24 months. This allows students to earn their degree in a shorter period of time and start enjoying the fantastic benefits.

Accelerated RN to BSN Programs: Selective Programs

The best programs are also very selective regarding student admission. The admission process is very competitive, and students are encouraged to make sure they have math and science prerequisites covered before applying. The best programs will also have waiting lists, so it’s wise to apply as soon as you decide to pursue this degree.

Nurses who love the field and find it very rewarding can benefit from investing in their future with a BSN. With the right training and education, more doors will open for you in your career. The programs are highly organized and can be completed in record time, so you can reap the benefits of this specialized training.