Barry University Accelerated Nursing Program

The medical field is in need of nurses now more than ever, and job availability is only expected to increase as baby boomers reach retirement age. The rewarding atmosphere and lifesaving procedures nurses perform has drawn thousands of people towards the nursing profession on recent years. Barry University understands, that some students need to be given the option to finish a program more quickly than what is traditional. After all, life can not stop for education, and the Barry University accelerated nursing program is designed to help students meet their educational goals in as little as 15 months.

About the Barry University Accelerated Nursing Program

The Barry University accelerated nursing program is an acceleration program that allows students to meet their educational goals more quickly by taking part in more class time per semester than in an average program. The accelerated program requires students to fulfill the same number of requirements and practical hours as a traditional nursing program (also offered at Barry University).

facts: Barry University Accelerated Nursing Program

In the accelerated program students are paired with classmates who have the same goals, same desires, same level of commitment and who take their educational endeavors seriously. Together with your classmates, you’ll navigate the world of nursing in 15-months; learning lifesaving procedures and understanding the nuances of the medical field. Barry University prides itself on preparing nurses for a variety of healthcare environments and the accelerated program is no exception.

Students who successful complete the Barry University accelerated nursing program program can than become licensed to practice nursing in the location of their choice. This program, from start to finish, trains nurses in all facets of the medical field. No nurse leaves Barry University ill-prepared.

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