Catholic University Nursing Accelerated

Catholic University Nursing Accelerated program

The Catholic University nursing accelerated program is a wonderful opportunity for nursing students to further their skills. The campus offers a bachelors or masters in nursing, a doctor of nursing practice, and a doctor of philosophy. With top notch instructors and ample opportunity for learning, Catholic University of America (CUA) offers the best atmosphere for educational advancement.

Catholic University Nursing Accelerated: Learning in a Safe, Engaging Environment

The CUA campus is located in Washington D.C. just north of Capitol Hill. Safety and serenity is a mainstay of campus life. Students are able to pursue their educational goals and stay strong in their faith while nourishing the mind and body.

Catholic University Nursing Accelerated program

Though it is not a requirement to be of the catholic faith to attend, about eighty percent of the students are. The facilities offer a safe haven for students who want to grow and enrich their daily life through academic, spiritual, and social interaction.

In addition to your nursing studies you may also choose to participate in activities such as sports, the political realm, or on-campus ministry programs. No matter what you need to guide you through your academic or personal pursuits, it is all within reach of campus.

Catholic University Nursing Accelerated: Escalating Nursing Skills to the Next Level

The mission of the Catholic University nursing accelerated program, in short, is to provide exceptional nursing skills by emphasizing moral, professional, and intellectual leadership skills to strengthen the nursing community. By offering a basic program and a second degree program, students new to nursing and those who have decided to pursue nursing as a new career choice are accommodated successfully.

To find out more about the Catholic University nursing accelerated program and how it will help you make the most out of your career in nursing, please visit the official website ( Here you will find admission requirements and information.

Catholic University Nursing Accelerated
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