Creighton Accelerated Nursing

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Creighton accelerated nursing programs are an ideal choice for anyone that has already gone to college and earned a degree in another field but now want to become a nurse. At Creighton, it is not necessary to begin at the starting point the way you did when you first attended college.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, a Creighton accelerated nursing program will only take you 12 months to complete, and you will have a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Having a BSN will open many opportunities for you as the field of nursing is growing rapidly.

Creighton Accelerated Nursing: What You Will Study

The 12 month program is divided into three semesters. The first semester you will take six classes for a total of 19 hours each week. The courses will be Health Assistance and Health Assistant Lab, two hours of lecture and one hour of lab work. Pathophysiology for three hours a week. Care Management and Outcomes Improvement for Health Promotion for five hours, Practicum for Care Management for five hours, and Nursing Management of Pharmacotherapy for three hours. This first trimester can be the most difficult as it lays the foundation for the rest of the program. The second and third trimesters are 19 and 20 hours each week. A full time commitment will be required to successfully complete the program.

Creighton Accelerated Nursing info

Creighton Accelerated Nursing: Campus Locations

Creighton courses are offered in both Hastings and Omaha, Nebraska. The campus of the school of nursing in Hastings is located next to Mary Lanning Healthcare. This facility offers a full range of medical services including pediatrics, oncology and issues related to cardiovascular problems. It is a non-profit hospital facility with 195 beds, and they have just under 30 specialties in medicine. Classes for the Hastings campus begin each August. The Omaha nursing programs works in conjunction with several medical facilities in the city. Their classes begin in both January and August.

Creighton School of Nursing

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Phone: 402-280-2000

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