Curry College Accelerated Nursing Program

more about the Curry College Accelerated Nursing Program

The Curry College accelerated nursing program is for the person that has a bachelor’s degree and wants to make a career change by earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The program offered by Curry College enables you to obtain a BS in Nursing in sixteen months. The use of the cohort model for learning means that you will be assigned to a specific cohort group. The cohort group allows for students to interact with each other and learn at an accelerated and thorough pace.

What Makes The Curry College Accelerated Nursing Program Exceptional?

This program accepts only qualified students and those who display exceptional motivation. You must have demonstrated academic achievement by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in another academic discipline before being admitted to the Curry College accelerated nursing program. Once admitted, you will join in January the specific cohort group to which you have been assigned.

This means that you will be with the same group of students throughout your educational program at Curry. The Accelerated nursing program’s success is based on the value of the cohort program to the student. A cohort contains 32 students which allows every student a chance to get to know their professors and fellow students very well. This forms a special learning bond that cannot be developed in any other way.

Why Should I Consider The Curry College Accelerated Nursing Program?

When you complete the Curry nursing program, you can take the NCLEX-RN that will allow you to practice in all health care fields. A BS degree from Curry College will open major employment opportunities, because your training at Curry includes the highest quality class and clinical experiences in multiple hospitals and health care agencies. Curry College will equip you to excel in any health care field as a nurse. Your training at Curry will help you advance.

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