Dominican College Accelerated Nursing Program

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Situated in Orangeville, New York, and less than 20 miles from New York City, the Dominican College Accelerated Nursing Program is an enticing option for people changing careers later in life or expanding upon an already established profession.

Designed for students who already possess at least one 4-year degree,the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) mandates its applicants to have a minimum 2.7 grade point average overall for their previous degree or degrees.

Applicants should also execute all the necessary paperwork prior to November 1 before the next program commences and to fulfill the obligation of 11 prerequisite courses. Once a student is admitted, he or she has two ways to pursue this degree.

The Two Dominican College Accelerated Nursing Programs

One choice is to attend classes throughout every day of the week. The Dominican College Accelerated Nursing Program Weekday Option begins in May, is 12 months long and consists of a 58 credit curriculum conducted in a back-to-back trimester format.

The other path available to students is the Dominican College Accelerated Nursing Program Weekend Option With this program, classes would still start in May, but it is 24 consecutive months, with six trimesters of 12 weekends each.

For both programs a minimum grade of C+ is mandatory for every nursing and natural science course and the lowest acceptable G.P.A. is a 2.7 for the duration of the entire nursing course load. Otherwise the student cannot continue with his or her degree.

Should a course need to be retaken to improve an academic score to the required G.P.A., it only can be done on one occasion and then only with the approval of the Nursing Division Academic Standing Committee.

Also, only one course can be retaken throughout the entire program and all courses must be taken in the progression pattern for each program.

Dominican College Accelerated Nursing Program
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