Drexel Accelerated Nursing Program

Drexel Accelerated Nursing Program information

Many people change careers during their life. Once they get into the workforce they find something that they would much rather be doing. For those that are looking for a career in the health care industry there the Drexel accelerated nursing program is designed to get a person the education they need and the skills to enter the workforce as quickly as possible.

The Drexel accelerated nursing program is very intensive. It is designed for people that already hold a bachelors or a masters degree from an accredited university. The program lasts a total of eleven months.

Drexel Accelerated Nursing Program Requirements

Since the participant already has a degree they do not have to take the general education college requirements that most student must complete. This includes class time and clinical experiences. After the course concludes the participant is then able to take state licensing exams.

In order to be accepted into the Drexel accelerated nursing program, the student must apply to the school. As with most nursing program they must keep a high grade point average and have excellent attendance. The accelerated nursing program will teach the student the roles of a nurse in a hospital and other health care facilities.

The participant will have to attend clinical and get hands on experience and advice from doctors and nurses with many years of experience in the field. Some of the course can even be taken online depending on the career goals of the participants.

Drexel Accelerated Nursing Program

The accelerated program is designed to help the working professional complete their field of study in as little time as possible. There are several clinical sites where the participant can complete their program requirements.

The program will try to place the student at the site that is closest to their home. The accelerated nursing program was designed with adults in mind who want to enter the health care field and make a difference in many lives.

Drexel Accelerated Nursing Program
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