Duke University Accelerated Nursing

duke university accelerated nursing school

Duke University now offers an accelerated nursing program to allow nursing graduates to enter their profession with an bachelors degree in as little as sixteen months. The Duke University accelerated nursing program includes all the elements of a traditional four year degree, and it also includes emphasis on the changes to medicine in the 21st century.

Who Would Benefit Most From the Duke University Accelerated Nursing Program?

The Duke University accelerated nursing program is a perfect fit for students who have already completed their undergraduate credits, or those students who already hold an undergraduate degree in science or another subject. Since the accelerated program does not included traditional general education, students can jump right into the nursing credits they need.

Students who are looking to switch their career path to nursing would also benefit most from this program. The Duke University accelerated nursing program will allow students to gain their nursing credential quickly with a minimum of college debt.

What Does the Duke University Accelerated Nursing Program Involve?

Students will get a well-rounded and applicable nursing education at Duke. The program is accelerated, so the coursework and volume is more vigorous than with a longer, traditional program. Students will gain practical and immediately usable experience in community, clinical and global health concerns. Most courses included a hands-on lab component that will give students direct practice with patient care and hospital operating procedures. This includes simulations using both virtual and standardized patients.

Duke offers a state-of-the-art learning environment for students that is focused on leadership and evidence-based learning strategies. Duke’s program not only gives future nurses the knowledge they need to be competent in their profession, but the program also develops in its nurses the skills and ability to think on their feet and make the quick and correct decisions for their patients. Ultimately, these skills could save patients’ lives.

Duke University Accelerated Nursing
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