Edgewood College Nursing Accelerated

edgewood college nursing accelerated

Edgewood College is located in Madison, Wisconsin, offering an accelerated program for it students, and working adults. The Edgewood college nursing accelerated program is excellent for people who wish to establish a new career discipline. The college offers graduate, undergraduate, and adult accelerated programs.

Edgewood College Nursing Accelerated Program: Students First

This Catholic Liberal arts college prides itself on the concept of putting it student’s needs first from academic to the workforce. Most classes are taught in a traditional setting; however, some online classes are offered. The colleges open its doors to student in 1927 to achieve academic success and opportunities to network in and out of school.

The college is committed to developing a just and compassionate world of dedicated ethical leadership. The institutions offer a great alumni program for graduate student who wish to stay abreast of current event.

The Edgewood College Nursing Accelerated Baccalaureate Program

Keeping up with the ever changing world of health care there is an immediate demand for skilled nurses. Some schools are adapting to the need by offering accelerated courses for people who have degrees in areas other than nursing. This is a convenient method for you to transition to nursing at a higher level instead of starting at entry level.

The innovative changes enable you to become a licensed register nurse in a shorter time frame. Edgewood college nursing accelerated program equip nurses to practice holistically in many alternative medical setting. Students are supervised in clinical setting where they gain firsthand experience in nursing care and procedures.

Working in a satisfying career can be can be rewarding, and Edgewood is the place, which can make it happen. If you are tired of uncertainty, and feel the need for a career change, further your education with a school that cares about your personal and professional success endeavors.

Edgewood College Nursing Accelerated
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, WI 53711