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Georgetown University is a private institution that does research and is based in Washington D.C. The university began in 1789 and was founded by Catholics. It was the first Jesuit University in the USA. The institution has produced many prominent professional nurses since 1903. It continues to foster a good learning environment through its advanced facilities and well trained lecturers. There are a variety of programs offered at the university including; undergraduate, second degree, on campus and off campus programs. The aim of these programs is to create professionals who are capable of improving the health conditions of people all over the world irrespective of their culture and race. One of the many programs offered is the Georgetown accelerated nursing programs. Continue reading for more information on the Georgetown accelerated nursing programs.

About the Georgetown Accelerated Nursing Programs

Georgetown accelerated nursing programs takes a period of 16 months before completion. Usually, a student has an option of taking full time classes or part time classes. It is important to note that when you choose full time classes, working will be difficult as the classes take up most of your time. However, you can take part time classes. This will allow you to work as you study.

If you want to take a second degree, there are prerequisites required. It is not a must for you to have completed the prerequisites on application of the accelerated nursing program. However, at the beginning of the program it is compulsory for you to have completed the prerequisites.

The prerequisites can be taken at any college that is accredited by the USA Department of Education. It is possible to do your prerequisites online. There are scholarships availed for students. On application you could get a scholarship. On campus housing is also provided. However, students taking a second degree are not provided with on campus housing but off campus housing.

Georgetown Accelerated Nursing Programs
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