Hunter College Accelerated Nursing Program

hunter college accelerated nursing program facts

Choosing the right career in a slow economy can be a difficult task for any college student. You may have heard recent statistics about college graduates having trouble finding work in their chosen career after graduation. With so many jobs in decline, you will want to find a career that is always in demand. The medical field is a consistently growing and expanding enterprise. As long as there are people, there will be a need for medical care. There is a career that is both stable and rewarding. A nursing career allows you to help other people while you earn a living at the same time. With the Hunter college accelerated nursing program, you will be able to start your rewarding and fulfilling career in the medical field.

As a nurse, you will touch the lives of so many patients. Nursing is about more than just providing medical care, it is also about the connection with other human beings.

The Hunter College Accelerated Nursing Program

There are many colleges and universities throughout the United States that advertise programs that focus on nursing. The Hunter college accelerated nursing program is for those students who are serious about a nursing career and are willing to put in their very best. The application process for the Hunter College accelerated nursing program is outlined on the program website. As with any college, the guidelines must be met by any applicant aspiring to attend.

The program is located at the Brookdale campus of Hunter college next to the NYU medical center, Bellvue hospital, and the VA hospital. The Hunter College accelerated nursing program is designed to help students learn quickly and effectively, preparing them for their future in the nursing career. The program is designed to produce professional, well trained, and skilled nurses.

Hunter College Accelerated Nursing Program
425 East 25th Street
New York, NY 10010