Northeastern University Accelerated Nursing

northeastern university accelerated nursing

Many college students who attend a two year college often find that the class credits they have earned are not accepted at a four year college when they transfer. Those college students end up having to take the same classes over again at the four year college, putting out more money and time instead of continuing with the next step of their education and have all previous class credits accepted. The Northeastern University accelerated nursing college realized that this was a big problem for many college students and decided to do something about it.

Starting back in 2009 northeastern decided to help college students with the transfer from a two year college to a four year college without losing the class credits they already had and to be able to obtain their Bachelor or master degree quicker and easier.

The college student is allowed to choose which four year college they would like to transfer to knowing that Northeastern University accelerated nursing will assist them in any way they can with both colleges needing to have the proper accreditation and make sure that the plan is the best for the college student. Continue reading to see if the Northeastern University accelerated nursing program is right for you.

Northeastern University Accelerated Nursing Online or Campus

There are many nursing colleges that offer programs either online or at their campus. Each college looks at the nursing training in different ways. Some colleges feel that all training from the very beginning to the very end needs to be on campus, where every student can be accessed in person by the educational staff.

Other nursing colleges feel that when a nursing student is just starting out with general classes that it is all right to learn online. Once a nursing student has reached the master program college educators feel that the education can be either on campus or online.

Northeastern University Accelerated Nursing
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