NYU Accelerated Nursing

nyu accelerated nursing program

People find that you are a kind and caring person. The health field is looking for individuals like you who would like to enter the health care profession. The health care field is expanding and requires more well trained individuals to break into the medical arena. Approved programs at NYU accelerated nursing are providing the type of quality training required to start a nursing career. Train at this state of the art school for rewarding careers that last a life time.

Academic Programs at NYU Accelerated Nursing

Traditional colleges offer their students a four-year program to earn their degree. Academic training at NYU is accelerated. Nursing students are able to earn their nursing degree in fifteen months. There are also opportunities to earn a Master’s of Science and Post Master of Science, Post-Master’s Advanced Certificate program, a Doctor of Nursing Practice, and a Doctor of Philosophy in Research Theory and Development.

These courses are taught in one of the best state of the art Universities in the country. Students are exposed to exceptional teaching talent and the best clinical experiences.

Admission to NYU Accelerated Nursing Program

Our university provides students with an exceptional learning experience. We produce some of the best professionals in the country. We know that those who are admitted to the nursing program at the University will develop excellent skills and expert knowledge that will help their nursing career grow.

All students who are thinking about joining our university are invited to a college of nursing an open house. During the open house we will share information about admission requirements, and the numerous scholarships and awards that are available for students.

NYU Accelerated Nursing Housing

On campus housing is available for those nursing students who would like an on campus living experience and to enjoy New York. Contact the school of nursing for more information.

NYU Accelerated Nursing
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