Oakland University Accelerated Nursing Program

oakland university accelerated nursing program details

There are a number of educational programs that you can choose from. Some of these programs lead to lucrative careers as well. One of the best programs that leads to a good career is nursing. Through the Oakland University accelerated nursing program, you will take courses that can help you get the training and education you need to become a nurse.

This program is known as the Oakland University accelerated nursing program. The Oakland University accelerated nursing program is offered to students who have a bachelors degree and are looking to get a second degree.

Oakland University Accelerated Nursing Program At a Glance

This nursing program is an accelerated educational curriculum. What this means is that you will do full time study for one full year. As a result you will have a great way to get the necessary training you need in order to begin a career in nursing. You will need to have bachelors degree in order to be eligible for admission.

Once you are admitted to the program you will begin study. When studying in this program you will take courses in social sciences, humanities and also biological sciences. During this program you will also study the theory and practice of nursing. After completing the program you will then be able to take the NCLEX exam.

Oakland University Accelerated Nursing Program Requirements

To begin studying for this program you will need to send in an application for admission. This will usually require you to submit transcripts about your previous academic experiences. You will need to maintain a 3.2 overall GPA and 2.8 in biology and chemistry courses which are the prerequisites for the program.

The program consists of courses such as human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, biology and also various courses about how to perform certain procedures as a nurse. The program is otherwise very comprehensive and gives people a very good education to get into the field of nursing.

Oakland University Accelerated Nursing Program
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