OU Accelerated Nursing Program

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An OU accelerated nursing program is comprehensive and requires a student to have strong written skills along with excellent oral communication skills. It is a program that demands attention to detail in every area of the educational process. It is a program that requires you to commit to an intensive four or five semester program.

There are certain admission requirements that are based on their GPA prerequisite in science, a person’s cumulative GPA, recommendations, other related coursework, the interview and their experience in the health care arena.

OU Accelerated Nursing Program

The basic requirements for admittance into the OU Accelerated Nursing Program are:

  • Acceptance into the OU accelerated nursing program
  • A non nursing degree
  • A minimum GPA of 2.75
  • College level Algebra course with a minimum grade of C
  • Science GPA of 2.75 and a minimum grade of C in the following courses: Microbiology, Structure and Function, Fundamentals of Chemistry and Introduction to Organic Chemistry

Other necessary requirements for admission into the OU accelerated nursing program are: an interview, resume and cover letter, two recommendations that can come from an academic point of view or a professional recommendation. It is important for anyone considering the career field of nursing to first decide which field of nursing he or she wants to specialize in.

Keep in mind, that in the years to come, the health care field will probably face a deficiency; that due to an ever-increasing population and the great need for quality health care. Also, soon many nurses and doctors will be retiring and that will put an additional demand on those working in the healthcare industry.

Because of the great need for quality nurses, accelerated nursing programs are offering these courses so that future nurses can fill the void of many who will soon be leaving.

Because accelerated nursing programs have strict criteria about the number of credits their students should have during the nursing program, they are choosy when it comes to selecting prospective students. The OU accelerated nursing program is an excellent program that demands and needs prospective nurses to do and be their best.

OU Accelerated Nursing Program
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