Molloy College Accelerated Nursing Program

molloy college accelerated nursing program information

The Molloy College accelerated nursing program has many different programs to choose from in their nursing fields. There is the licensed practical nurse program helping to prepare young women and men for a career in the health field.

Some students stop at the licensed practical nurse level but there are many others who will continue on with their nursing education and attain a registered nursing degree giving the nursing student more training for higher paying positions in the health field. The Molloy College accelerated nursing program can help these students achieve their ultimate goals.

Once a person has reached the level of a registered nurse position the next step in their educational process at the Molloy College accelerated nursing program is the master’s program teaching students about the administrative aspect of the nursing field and the last program that a student can partake in is the doctoral in which the student deals with research and different policies dealing with the educational system.

Molloy College Accelerated Nursing Program: Financial Assistance

The majority of students going to nursing college or any type of college are not going to have the financial means to pay for tuition, books, laboratory costs, rent or home mortgage, maintenance and gas for travel back and forth to college or to work. There are several financial packages that the Molloy College accelerated nursing program has to offer.

A prospective nursing student can apply for grants, scholarships and for federal and state assistance and also look for work study programs that the college may offer. Students are to remain responsible for their financial aid and know what their responsibilities are while taking their classes and what is expected from them once they graduate.

Molloy College Accelerated Nursing Program
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